A little bit less of Fife

5.6 metre tides and heavy seas have taken big chunks out of the Fife coast this week.

Is this ‘normal’? I know sandy beaches and dune systems are dynamic and ever-changing (I’ve been amazed at the coming and going of sand and grass at Tentsmuir over the years).

Or is this connected with rising sea-levels?

It’s shocking to see this much erosion happening in 24 hours, on a quiet stretch of coast with a very settled character. It’s a mistake to see any coastline as settled now I think.

The last beach-hut was taken away the day before the big tide

2 thoughts on “A little bit less of Fife

  1. It is the same along the Angus coast where the dunes are collapsing in places e.g.. Montrose is also losing a few feet each year. Looking across from high up at the back of Monifieth, you can see the build up of a sand bar which seems almost to link Tentsmuir to Budden Ness. Certainly the pilot boat which goes out from Dundee to guide any shipping in is now having to go much further out. Probably it is the same in the Forth

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