Loch Voil basket

Just finished…

Birch (silver and downy), oak, willow, bog myrtle, all the monofil fishing line I pulled out of the loch (untangled and wrapped round an oak twig), a weight and a swivel. The little rusty hook broke as I was trying to impale it onto an oak twig, so it’s in the bin.

Loch Voil Loch Doine

We didn’t have to break the ice to get onto the water yesterday but we saw plenty. We paddled against the breeze from Loch Voil into Loch Doine and came back in beautiful flat calm. There was just time to expore a few bends of the River Larig and that was the highlight for me, paddling on deep and clear green water. We’ll go back there in the spring.


  The lochs were very quiet but we did see 2 noisy Whooper Swans, 2 sleepy Mute Swans, 6 Goldeneye (4 females and 2 males displaying), a few mallard, one heron, ravens overhead, some crows, a gang of tits in the trees, one grey wagtail and a dipper.  It’s not a proper canoe trip without a dipper.

Espresso stop


River Larig
I collected a handful of twigs from the woods along the Loch Voil shore, and a tangle of fishing line from the weeds at the water’s edge – next basket.