Learn and teach

Today I travelled to Falkirk with Caren Gilbert to contribute to an International Women’s Day Celebration sponsored by Central Scotland African Union.

It was a very pleasant afternoon. We learned about the beautiful African textiles on display round the hall, sang together, watched a demonstration of classical dance from Northern India, did some dancing ourselves (feeling a bit clunky dressed in trousers and boots) and were treated to a fab lunch of African food.

After lunch there were crafts tasters and creative writing on offer and I showed my group the method I’ve been using to make stitched baskets, using assorted bendy twigs and fibres. I think everyone enjoyed the process. We heard the silence of deep concentration anyway!

Stitch basket 1

Stitch basket 2

Stitch basket 3

Thanks Meg for the invitation to take part and thanks Caren for suggesting me to Meg.