Willow and ivy

Back in April I posted photos of willow withies harvested from a friend’s garden for a particular summer project (‘Basket for Adele’, April 17th) and said that I would write more about that later.

What was the project? Last winter my son and his partner asked me if I’d like to make them a willow arch for their summer wedding. Not something I’d done before but I said yes and went off to do the internet research!

Here’s the result, maybe more of a bower than an arch. It stood up to two nights of torrential rain last week without disintegrating so we were happy with our design. We made it up ourselves in the end, we didn’t like any of the internet examples.

= 12 willow withies c/o Adele,  a car boot-full of ivy c/o Lorraine’s garden and Fingask Castle, assorted artificial orchids and unidentified silk flowers, some green garden twine and the ubiquitous waxed linen thread. This photo was taken the day after the wedding. With James and Catherine’s permission, I’ll post a photo later of them under the arch in full wedding dress 🙂

prototyping the arch in the garden
arch on site, morning after the rain

3 thoughts on “Willow and ivy

  1. Well done Jan, it looks great. Another side line for you??? Hope you had a super time at the wedding and look forward to seeing some more photos.

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  2. What a beautiful idea, and a perfect design to withstand the elements. Looking forward to seeing the wedding day photo. Glad it all went off so well.

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