Stones carved with stones

Twelve days in Ireland. We explored the north and north-west, hugging the coast, then travelled east to see a friend in Drogheda. On the way back to Belfast and home, we visited Newgrange. I’ve wanted to go there ever since seeing a photograph of its beautiful carved stones many years ago (on a Clannad album cover?!).


Newgrange is a huge burial mound constructed 5000 years ago, long before metal tools were used in Ireland – which means all the Newgrange carvings were made using stone on stone. Not so much carvings as peckings. How long did they take to make?

Newgrange entrance


Newgrange view

2 thoughts on “Stones carved with stones

  1. The visit is very organised, even more so than the Giants Causeway, so I had to get over my usual crowd-avoidance thing! Our guide at Newgrange was called Liam, he was young and even though he must have led the tour many times, enthusiastic. He told the story very well and left lots of room for speculation. They have a dimmer light to imitate the midwinter solstice coming into the chamber and we all squashed together to clear a path for the light-beam on the floor! It was great.


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