Largo Bay

Largo Bay

Largo Bay is the big bite out of the south coast of Fife, between Methil and Elie. It is our nearest long beach with dunes, only 40 minutes drive from home over the Cults Hills.  Last week I explored the east end of the Bay around Ruddons Point and enjoyed wild weather and big skies while on the hunt for interesting materials.

The dunes have been battered by high seas this winter, eroding a small sand cliff round the Bay. I picked up a tangle of washed-out lyme and marram grass roots from the tideline, strong stuff when I tried to pull it apart. It made six feet of rough rope. I stitched it into a small basket with a particular purpose in mind (more on that in a future post).

Seagrass roots

plant roots, moss, wrack, jute, beeswax
Tideline basket: plant roots, moss, wrack, jute, beeswax

Basket with shells

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