Puppet impro

A cast of characters waiting for a story…

Today I was back working with the family crafts group in Benarty. They had just taken delivery of donated materials for up-cycling from the Living Lomonds Crafts of the Hills project, so we caught up while sorting out the jumble of stuff into separate bags and jars. There were treasures to be found: multi-coloured net and chiffon, sequins and pearl buttons, some real kilt tartan, fur fabric, feathers and felt.

The group were intending to make puppets today and had brought some wooden spoons for the purpose. I had come prepared with some ‘tree stories’ for puppet inspiration but it was soon clear that everyone wanted to get started making – so our cast of characters were suggested by the materials and the group’s imaginations. We all enjoyed the development of each puppet personality, problem-solving together. Double-sided sticky tape turned out to be very useful!